29 April 2007


I think the worst might be over.

I am knocking on wood, now that I've typed that.

For three days, now, I haven't wanted to just fall over dead rather than continue to deal with my stomach. I'm still have nausea waves, but not this all-encompassing, life devouring, agony of the soul, sickness.

That's really really good.

One of my bestest friends -- B, who commented a few weeks ago that I was doing this creating a child thing "all wrong" -- came to visit. She decided that I had been buying enough for this little creature in my body -- now thumb-joint-sized, if you're interested -- and that she was buying things for me.

First place we hit? You guessed it. Yarn store.

I'll post the pictures as soon as my camera batteries charge up, but here's the total.

One Colinette Absolutely Fabulous Afghan Kit in the Antique colorway, with the intention of making the shawl.

One skein of Lorna's Laces Black Purl in the worsted weight, for socks for me.

Malabrigo for slippers for me.

Two skeins of Cleckhelton Studio Mohair 8ply for a scarf that I've always loved in the store's display.

A skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Martha's Vineyard, probably also for socks.

9 skeins of Rowan Calmer for a lovely Reynolds' pattern sweater that I've been admiring for an age and a half.

And, the store had restocked their colors of Baby ULL, so we got a better colorway set for the ladybug sweater.

And, without my noticing, she paid for the Addi Lace needles that the store had gotten in, that I ordered months and months ago. I *meant* to have ordered two pair of the 1s and 2s, realizing how wonderful they would be for the lacy socks I loved at the time, because it's not often I'm going to knit proper lace on size 1 needles, but with the huge backorders of these online, it may just be that I get to stroke them from time to time, and that's fine with me. :)

It's nice to be spoiled rotten, from time to time, just so that you remember what it feels like.

Then we carried on to the local Pier 1 clone and got rugs, new baking sheets, a cooling rack, etc. It was highly fun.

And of course we skeins all the AbFab yarn and I'm heavily involved in making myself a shawl. Superfun!

Pictures when the camera is up to speed.


AlisonH said...

Time with a friend, new yarn--just what the doctor ordered. You sound so much better! Yay!

Anonymous said...

And just what I needed to get back to a horrible week at work and be okay with it.

Also, I finished the never-ending first socks! This is actually the first thing I have ever finished that required a duplicate.

Love -- B

Karin said...

I was just about to send you an email to check up on you, I'd been worried about you!! Then I thought, let me just check her blog real quick to see if there's been any changes. Lo and behold. I am SO GLAD!! that you are feeling better. And I am also very happy for you that tou got spoiled by a good friend!