04 July 2007


Some things I am still.

Still Healthy. Had another doc's appointment, and everything is still great. Heard the baby's heartbeat again (140, described as "great" by Dr. Amy). Found out I was allowed to take Claratin, so now I just have to cope with sinus headaches, instead of constant sneezing and exhaustion. It's a fair trade.

Still Frustrated at work. My boss is being a bad-word badditybadword, and I don't know what to do about it. No, it's not about me being preggers (although that isn't helping) and it's not about me being female (which I could shut him down over in about three seconds), it's more that...well, the biggest part of a general manager's job is to be a leader, right? Not a threatener, or a yeller, or a shover...a leader. The guy who stands out in front going "Come on, guys, we can get there!" My co-manager and I spent half our time running around doing damage control for this guy, and both of us are too damn busy for that kind of nonsense.

Still not knitting much. Yes, I am perfectly aware that this whole "birth thing" is like five months away. Yes, I know how much clothing that means I should have by then. Why do you ask? The allergies were awful, it was like hell with a runny nose, and all I could think to do was sleep. It's getting better now, but I can still feel my body being all off-kilter.

More still soon. :)


AlisonH said...

I could offer your boss my old barbecue grill. He'd be safe with it, and he could fire away at some chicken rather than a strong woman.

Anonymous said...

You forgot a still --
still have lots of people who care about you.

I am frustrated at work too, which makes the periods of totally awesome even more aggravating. If I could just remove one person and drastically change another, I would be set. Totally with you on this.

Love, B