29 June 2007

Fishkill; survived.

Well, survived there, survived back. Yay.

I have nothing exciting to tell you about the training. Made these:

During two days of boring training that felt like I'd already gotten it. They told us all about the training we'd get next time. Whoopie. I'm sorry, if you're already a retail manager, and you don't know how to manage conflict...I fear you won't ever learn. But that aside.

The socks are less pink and brown in person, more purple and green (bad light in here today, I need to start taking knitting pictures among the shrubbery)...the only real problem I have with them is that I so adore the color striping on the soles that I got kind of irritated at the lacework pattern on the foot. I'm strange, what can I say. And the ribbing...well, first sock was in my luggage in the car when I was finishing up the second sock, and I wanted to be able to say that I had finished them at the training session...so I just cast off. With so much laceyness, these will be at-home socks, anyway, so I'll probably just leave it. I think they're lovely, to heck with anyone else. :)

Everyone keeps telling me I'm starting to show...Took a picture to prove not so much...

There are some changes in my lower abdomen, but all that upper stuff is just me. Having lousy posture.

Nothing else to report. Robb's taking me to lunch, then minigolf. I love days off. I will probably cast on for sleeve #2 this afternoon. If I feel strong.


AlisonH said...

The socks and the shirt match. Fancy that. Now just wait till you can see a footprint stretching across you; it's incredible to see someone coming to be, isn't it?

Karin said...

Glad you survived the training, somehow!
Nice socks.