27 July 2007


I declare myself done with being overheated, miserable, and bitchy due to my pregnant status plus above 80 temps. I understand that air conditioning turns me into a gigantic wuss because I stop coping with warmth. I don't care. I understand that it's bad for my allergies. I don't care.

Hear me?


Robb and I are off to attempt to find an air conditioner that will fit in our tiny windows.

Wish us luck, please.

I will write later, from a (I hope) much cooler home.


AlisonH said...

Go for it. Here's hoping they're all on end-of-summer sales.

Karin said...

You're entitled, Kristine! I've had just about enough already too, and I am not even pregnant or anything. But the humidity just wipes you out, doesn't it?