06 July 2007

I went to the yarn store

and I didn't buy yarn.

My roommate asked "Are you feeling okay?"

The answer to that is, technically, no, but we'll leave that aside for now. The fact that I stubbed my toe on a 20 lb barbell because I'd forgotten that I'd used it to prop the bedroom door open isn't really anyone's fault. Except, ya know, mine. But whatever.

Look what I got at the yarn store:

Robb's instructions were to "look excited." He takes direction well.

Alison, it's beautiful. I've actually hugged one of your shawls, and I was still surprised at how gorgeous and soft and wonderful this book is. I want to make all of these shawls at once. I was only saved from actually casting on for about four of them by having given away most of my larger size needles in favor of my Denise set, and that's being used for my AbFab kit, and because I don't have the right sort of yarns in the right sorts of amounts to do them justice.

But soon. Soon. I haven't decided which one will be first...but I love the book. I love the stories. I love the pictures.


Here's the other thing I've been working on, in this stupid heat.

Baby socks are the most adorable things ever. The leg of that sock? 24 rows. The heel? Turned on 22 stitches. Holy canoli adorableness!

Photo taken in the anorexic garden planted on by my landlord's ex-wife. Don't get me started. Seriously, when I saw the collection of annuals she had planted, nicely spaced out about twelve perfect inches from one another (seriously, I saw her with a ruler), I thought of grabbing a shovel, claiming "the dog did it," and then offering to replant the garden myself.


Anyway. :)

More smiles, later.


AlisonH said...

Thank you, Kristine. And thank you, Robb. You're seriously wonderful. And that sock is seriously cute. (And here, grab me a plane ticket, I'll come pick out flowers with you to help you go at that garden. Still, the little violet ones trying so hard there are adorable.)

I am! said...

Kristine, I am so with you on Alison's book, I'm being very good today and NOT starting the Michelle Shawl until I finish my "work knitting" and a sock for my hubby. Maybe tomorrow. :)

Glad to hear baby is all well, and I think the work thing? Yeah, it's contagious - everyone's workplaces get exponentially stupider in the summer. Blame it on the heat.

Karin said...

Hi there! Love the look on Robb's face. He's definitely and positively a keeper. Not that you didn't already now that...
oh and what a cute sock.:)

Isn't Alison's book just so wonderful?