24 July 2007


One of you left a comment yesterday, about a particular color. Now, I would certainly never want to suggest that I discriminate against colors, or that I dislike green-lovers. I mean, I understand about green. I know it's like that boy you loved in high school, and you paid off the girl sitting next to you forty bucks so that you could partner with him on the social studies project, because you were sure you'd invite him over, make him cookies, and then you'd make out all night. I get it. What you need to realize is that green is all slick and sexy looking, but it's always going to call you at the last minute and tell you that it has a big date with the head cheerleader for the homecoming game, and by the way, you'll let him copy the homework, right?

I don't want to hurt you, but I want you to understand the truth. A little hurt now is better than a lot later, right?

Green is not to be trusted.

In this form:

or this one:

green is okay.

In this form, green is always suspect.

I've been up to some non-green things lately.

That bit of yellow-and-blue will turn into this eventually. The beigey yellow is Jaeger Matchmaker DK, one of my favorite Merino yarns of all time, and the blue is Cashsoft DK left over from the Welcome Sweater that I still haven't remember to take a picture of. The pattern is cake, which is good, because my brain is mush.

So much so that I just realized that the picture above was taken with the knitting upside down. Doh!

Baby pictures:

a hand:

and a face:

I'm in love already.

And, we've decided. Kid wants to stay modest, fine. The Kid will be officially known as such until December, when we will find out boy or girl the old fashioned way.

Now, I'm all worn out from the heat, so I think I'm going to close my eyes awhile, and try for some rest.


Anonymous said...

How dare you slander Green? He would never leave me for some cheerleader, like uhm say the notoriously mercurial Purple.

Kristine said...


Purple is the most solid and royal of colors. You, my anonymous friend, have been sadly misinformed. I'm sorry if you were once hurt by a well meaning lilac, but purple -- true purple -- can do no harm.

AlisonH said...

I'm suddenly trying to wrap my mind around nasturtium flower-chili pepper salad. Uh, yum, right?

(ps the kid is adorable!)

Lynne said...

I was indeed told, yes, the child is modest and apparently wants her parents to find out the old fashioned way whether she's a she or a he (I'm still convinced it's a she - and will probably fall over in a dead faint if he's a he). I was also told (by Daddy) that he thought the kid might be flipping his parents off with that hand he's got in front of his face!!

In any case, there's a "fun shirt" that is being sewn, albeit slowly. However, after speaking with my son (and getting over the shock!! but what a wonderful and lovely conversation we had) I realize I'd better do some hustling or my future "granddaughter's" mother will be wearing gunny sacks for the rest of her pregnancy.

Hmmm, wonder if they come in nice bright cheery colors!!