22 July 2007

A superfast, non-spoiler review on HP7, and a shawl update

For a review, and at risk of losing my PG rating:

The book is fucking brilliant.

I hate ends of series. They never, ever end up right. The only one I've ever really, really liked was the last episode of Quantum Leap.

Until today.

Brilliant, I tell you!

And, the shawl for the wedding.

I finished casting off Saturday morning, and had no time to wetblock it. I was planning on steam blocking it, but I thought to myself...I could spend an hour sobbing over how it won't look the way I want it to, or I could relax, read my book, and then have a shower and go to the wedding.

So I did.

Robb has promised to take me out to dinner next week, when both of our lives calm down, and I will have the shawl blocked and wear it then.

If I can figure out where in this apartment to block it out. I actually miss the wall-to-wall carpeting; the padding was so convenient for sticking pins in.

Accepting blocking suggestions.


Knit*Six said...

We live in a studio apartment in D.C., with wood floors, so I know what you mean about blocking...I used to love my carpet for the same reason. Now I just clear off the bed or the kitchen table, lay down a few layers of towels or a quilt, and pin my garment to them. So far, so good.

BTW: Thank you so much for your comment on my anti-sproingy post. I was feeling grumpy, but last night I got to thinking about it: Hmm...spongy + springy = sproingy. It's OK, I guess. Even if I don't use it, I honestly don't care if other people do. But I love hearing other people's opinions and thoughts on the matter (of language). So thanks! :-)

AlisonH said...

Spin it out in the washer, with the water turned off so it doesn't spray on it (my washer has a setting for this) to get all the extra water out. Then put it on top of a bed when you get up, and by the time you go back to bed it should be done. Towels and white sheets are good, yes, definitely.