08 July 2007

To wordpress, or not to wordpress

Debating, debating.

I could take my blog to wordpress. It's better than blogger, it's more reliable than blogger, I could actually learn CSS and make my blog look like I WANT it to look, instead of the pale imitation of how I want it to look that I'm managing with blogger. I've been doing this for a year, clearly I like it, clearly it makes me happy.

I could import my old entries from blogger and Livejournal and actually have the whole blog in one place.

I would end up paying for the CSS upgrade and probably the space upgrade.

But I would like it.

Thoughts welcome.

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AlisonH said...

Well, *I* did. The links in the comments don't transfer--that would be too much a spammer's dream. It's easier to get a picture to go where you want it to go on Blogger (please know that this is a complete techno-idiot typing this.) I had a friend do the graphics design work for my new site. In Blogger, if you delete someone's comment, it says you did to the whole world. In Wordpress, it just quietly vanishes--not that I've had to do that. It's just nice that I could get rid of a spammer and not have people wondering, gee, did she get in a fight with someone? But at the same time, it does a good job of catching spammers and having you check yes or no, that was spam, before letting it through, if there's any question.

And you can edit your own comments later if you want. Or anybody else's for that matter, although I have no intention.