11 July 2007

Today is proof

That being pregnant has driven me completely batty. Off my rocker. Insane. Yes, you heard me.

This week, the cafe in the bookstore has FINALLY finished being remodelled, and, starting tomorrow, about eight of us in the store have to go through a week of training to be certified to work in the new cafe. It's a franchise thing, they make the rules, not us.

The training finishes Wednesday.

Do you know what book comes out on Friday?

Do you know who is in charge of running our release night party?

Yours truly.

I promised to be a slave to my boss for the entire week if he'd promise me that Saturday off so that I could go to a wedding about an hour south of us. Friends of Robb's, I've met them once, but still. It's a chance to dress up and feel good. And buy a new shirt.

So, do I use my common sense, realize that the week will be completely insane, and go out and buy something? Rather than become obsessed with a new project that will take up all my spare time this week?

Exactly whose blog do you think you're reading?

I couldn't help it. I lost control when I saw this. Robb and I had just gotten back from Essex, but I heaved myself back into the car and tore back through town to make it to the LYS before they closed. I got there with about ten minutes to spare, picked out my yarn (Blueberry Hill, and the only humiliating thing is that Kalen totally called it; I'm spending too much time there if they know what I'm going to chose before me) and headed home.


Don't even ask if I balled it up and started knitting. I have 11 days. Of course I did.

I took pictures of how it looked so far, but they came out horribly, so I'll take more tomorrow. There will be more lace to drape on the purple flowers outside that, as Alison points out, are trying so hard to be adorable.

Side note: I'm pretty sure I've found a relatively small error in the pattern; I've emailed Martingale about it, and I'll let you know what they say. I don't want to be a blabbermouth until then.

So, off to knit more rows (I'm currently on 15 out of 64). Cross your fingers for me, and know that I do my best knitting under stress. It's the blocking that tends to get me.


AlisonH said...

Oh, that's breathtakingly gorgeous yarn! Have fun knitting! If you get Mrs. Weaseley to work on it for you, you can wear it to the wedding.

Madge said...

Oooh, pretty!

Karin said...

You're a madwoman on a mission. I love it!