21 April 2007

FO Report: Royal Set

I think it looks like a perfect fit, don't you?

The pattern is the Royal Baby Set from Blue Sky Alpacas. The yarn originally called for is their Royal, a completely gorgeous, 100% alpaca yarn that just makes me coo to touch it. But my LYS only had skeins of Alabaster, Petticoat, and I think Cafe Au Lait, so I went for the less expensive Alpaca Silk in Kiwi. If they'd had Primrose or Seaglass, all bets would have been off, and I'm still tempted by the Seaglass. But this yarn is not washable, and it is not cheap, so I will think long and hard before clicking that order button.

There's a little hat that matches, isn't it cute?

I changed nothing noticeable about the pattern, but there may still be a big change coming up. The pattern calls for ties that wrap around Baby and tie at the side of the sweater to hold it clothes -- the essence of a wrap sweater. I might be being paranoid-pregnant-lady, but this doesn't seem terribly safe or convenient to me. I'm imaging trying to tie a squirming newborn into this and having a rough time with it. I'm thinking of coming up with a way to place buttons, instead of the wrap tie. Thoughts?

Also, slowly getting a handle on the rampant nausea. What seems to help is sweet things and spicy things, and all the bland stuff that people were telling me to eat to calm down my stomach make it distinctly worse. I don't know if that means anything painfully significant, but there we are.

On to the Newborn Welcome Set in Cashsoft DK.

Also, random fun -- Robb says he doesn't see why I'm not knitting in purple, as "purple can be manly. On a baby." But pink, in case you were wondering, is never manly, no matter what these guys say. So says my boyfriend, and he's the one with the gear that allows him to comment on this issue.

I need to find some deep plummy purples. In baby or Dk weight yarns. Oh my.


AlisonH said...

Those are gorgeous! And my baby's sweater had a tiny button. So, where did you see that Royal? I've yet to see it in person, I can only imagine (and wish, at the price they had it where I saw it online. Yowsers.)

Anonymous said...

That is insanely adorable, and why are you worrying about the cost of yarn? Pregnancy is a total get out of anything card. Good thing I am coming up there soon. You are doing this creating a child thing all wrong.
Love anyway, B