08 April 2007

I meant to post this last night

but then I got caught by Seduction, and I wanted new socks for work today.


The first part of the story is on Alison's blog. Her daughter Jennie was ill, I played the part of the Digital Welcome Wagon when Jennie moved to the area last year. We hadn't ever met, but Alison emailed me the ice cream story, not asking, exactly, but just kinda saying.

Would you say no to a woman who made you this? Nope, and neither would I. Plus, how often do you get to send someone stealth ice cream, really?

So, after work yesterday, I went by the Ben & Jerry's scoop shop that is across from my work (it's the almost-original B&J's, actually, I can point to the original from the current one, but about ten?fifteen?years ago, they decided to move the shop to Church Street proper. Anyway.

I picked two pints of ice cream (Cherry Garcia and Americone Dream, if you're curious), and I drove out to the address Alison had emailed.

Only, I'm dyslexic. It doesn't normally get in the way, but the woman at the 174 address was very curious as to why I wanted to give her ice cream. She didn't mind, exactly, just...was curious. I might have interrupted her nap. So I got the numbers sorted out, bothered Jennie's landlord because I didn't know which door to use, and found my way upstairs to their door.

Poor Jennie's husband. I think Jennie at least might have guessed who I was and what I was doing there. The conversation between the husband and I went something like this:

Me: (holding out paperbag of ice cream) Hi. I'm a friend of Jennie's mom's, and I've been sent to give you guys ice cream as a get well present.

Him: ...um.

Me: It's okay, really. I'm a friend of Alison's. (at this point, I started babbling about the flavors and why those and I hadn't gotten the Cinnamon Bun and I found out I should have and suchlike).

Him: Do we even know you? (he had this expression...it was like someone had hit him upside the head with a two-by-four. Made of ice cream. It was fantastic.)

Me: Nope. Just a friend of Alison's. Have a great day.

Him: ...thanks.

I got home and told Alison to call them and tell him the ice cream wasn't poisoned.

It was tremendously fun being the ice cream fairy.

Pics of socks after I manage not to be ill during Easter dinner. Wish me luck.


AlisonH said...

Kristine, You. Are. The. Best. !!! When I talked to Jonathan, he was just so thrilled that you did that, that you took the time and made the effort and acted the friend for me and it was all so cool. It was so wonderful. THANK YOU!!! (And they loved the ice cream. Now, should I go knit up a quick scarf for that lady at 174 who didn't get any?)

...Blogger says that didn't go through. If you get that twice, I apologize.

AlisonH said...

So, how was that dinner? I made pecan pie and blueberry, um, soup with pie crust edging.

Erin said...

That is the best story. How cool that you could play a part in it. Good for you for being such a good friend.

AlisonH said...

And the cream (of course) colored baby alpaca/silk scarf, in a red bowl, with red knitted bobbles and brown alpaca melting chocolate, (all five as separate pieces from the scarf but arfully arranged on top), are sealed in plastic wrap to look like a bowl of Cherry Garcia when it gets to Vermont. The box is on its way to "To the woman who almost got Cherry Garcia from Kristine" at 174. It was way too much fun.