06 April 2007

I think I've gone simple.

I've discovered a sick pleasure in scanning socks. I don't know why I think it's so fun, and I am concerned that it betrays a certain frailty of wit. But, there we are.

The other sock is at the heel flap, and I watched six episodes of 24 this afternoon (Season 2, currently on sale for $19.99, how could I pass it up?) while making chocolate chip cookies (that came out too crispy, but I modded the recipe and used a new pan, so I'm just happy they weren't rocks. A hearty addition of vanilla ice cream made them lovely.

Tomorrow, there is stealth ice-creaming planned. It should be serious fun. I'll let ya know.

The rest of my life? Pleasantly dull. I kinda like it.


AlisonH said...

Gorgeous sock. The cookies sound good. And--thank you!...

Margene said...

I've wanted to knit that sock for some time! Hmmmm, might be time to just do it.