01 April 2007

I am in love.

with the addi lace needles.


If I could marry them, Robb would be out of luck.

P5togs are a dream. They are no threat, no worry, no stress. I've finished another full repeat of lace between today and yesterday, which had taken me all last week to do one.

I'm too exhausted to type more.

The $1.50 cardi is giving me a headache. I may need to reinvent this thing some. I'm terrified that it won't fit at all. Grrr.

Much love.


AlisonH said...

I promise not to spill the beans to Robb on that one.

Hannah said...

Thanks for the review! I love my #0 & #1 addis and have been thinking of adding the new "lace" versions to my collection. Now I KNOW they'll soon be mine...