31 March 2007

Back, for real this time? :)

When I got home, I found this comment sitting in my email from AlisonH:

When last seen, our heroine was heard swearing off all but sock knitting and was proclaiming the $1.50 sweater boring. Lace. Boring! The horror, the horror. Fingerprints left at the scenes of other blogs leave us to suspect our heroine is live and kicking, and we have great hope to hear from her or her captors soon.

When I got done laughing hysterically, I realized that yes, I had been remiss in updating. I've been...counting. Furiously counting. I leave it to you to figure out what I'm counting.

First funny thing I've seen lately.

I finally pulled up the photos off my camera that travelled to Vegas. Although there were some lovely shawl photos:

What really entertained me was Robb playing with the camera. To my benefit or detriment? You decide.

I finished one Regia Bamboo sock, but it's all the way over there.

Dollar and a half cardi continues. Now that I've got the rhythm of the lace pattern, I'm really enjoying it; the back is almost done, since if I made anything 18" from my armpits to the cast on edge it would dangle down to my knees.

I'm in love with the Jaeger Roma. This is such a soft, pretty, deeply colored yarn. It's sort of a purpley-taupe color that I just adore. Using the Denise Interchangeable needles, which I'm also in love with. Thus far, this sweater is an experience of bliss. :) How fun is that?

See how pretty the yarn is? And I haven't even blocked it yet!

I think the mail just got here. The mail might contain my new Addi lace needles. !!! If so, expect a review tomorrow!

Until then.

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AlisonH said...

Oh! Phew! How'd you escape? Oh I know: pinning the window down firmly on the swatch, climbing down the yarn and safely down to the Addis anchoring the ball in the garden. Just watch out for the thorns in the roses on your way down next time, eh?