28 April 2008

It's good to be a survivor

Today was my first day back at work. I think I'm going to like the job, and I was much happier to see my baby at the end of the day...but mid-day, I opened my purse and found one tiny shoe...I'll admit to getting a bit weepy.

Seeing the Harlot in Noho was pretty awesome, but the number of people in WEBS was insane. It was good for curbing my stashing tendencies, as I rapidly got sick of using Lucy like a 13lb battering ram. I am not coping to the stash that I purchased, I loved everything I got, and that's enough for today. :) You'll see it as I knit it.

I did get to meet Karin, which was pretty incredibly awesome. Karin has been taking care of my stash for a couple of years now, and she's one of the sweetest, kindest people you'll ever meet. I'm glad I got to finally MEET her, because the shining light around her brightened my whole day.

Apparently, the Bjorn is Lucy's favorite chew toy. I looked like a dork, but then, I always do.

I also met two wonderful ladies with adorable babies...of course, I've completely forgotten their names, but I'm sure they'll show up on the YH blog, and then I'll find them.

So, one of the ways that you know I'm a gigantic geek? I'm actually excited, because my new job involves a 35-40 minute bus commute twice a day. Do you know how much sock knitting you can get done in that much time?

The cuff, and about half of the brown got done at the Calvin Theatre, listening to Stephanie; the rest is bus knitting. And a little bit of get-me-through-the-post-lunch-snooze knitting. Yeah, you heard me. They let me knit. At work.


So, there will be plain, or slightly exciting, socks for bus knitting...and there will be at home knitting. I need to finish the socks for my step-father's birthday (Sunday) and then I have a project to embark on for a friend of a friend -- and some gorgeous handspun to do it with.

And I'm going to spend a ton of my "economic stimulus" check on yarn. Hooray! Is it sick that I'm already deciding on what I want? Sure, Mr. President, I'll stimulate the economy...at Blue Moon Fiber Arts...and Handmaiden...and Cherry Tree Hill...


Sheila said...

Glad you survived the first day back to work. It is always the hardest, allowing someone else to care for your little peanut. Lucy is so sweet.

Karin said...

OMG you posted the picture!!
You are too kind with your words...but thank you..(blush)
I am so glad your first day went well. I was thinking about you all day.
I realized I never got to hold Lucy. I am a little sad about that. But she did smile for me...:)


Elise H said...

As the one who took your picture, I must say for the record that I don't think you look like a dork...I thought you and your daughter were just lovely. A pleasure to meet you! Elise (Karin's friend)

AlisonH said...

You guys are so wonderful!

Blue Moon, Handmaiden... Have fun!

ayla said...

Wow, I only left with two skeins of sock yarn, but I got four skeins of Cascade 220, so that makes up for it. I spent an outrageous amount of money, but it was totally worth it. Now I'm planning on spending my economic stimulus package on the things that I can't buy at the moment because I bought too much yarn!

Glad that you found me, though I'll tell you I don't update my blog very often at all. I have a private blog-type diary at www.OpenDiary.com that is open only to users of that site, if you join let me know and I'll add you. My name there is aimalyn. It was great hanging out with you and Lucy!

Artemis said...

Well, if you're feeling like more tasty yarn, courtesy of the IRS, might I interest you in a custom made skein of whatever you want? *grin*

I really hope you like working with the merino/bamboo.. I was pleased that I managed to keep the color sections intact, since the original dyed roving was split in half and spun onto 2 separate bobbins.

So glad to see you spinning.. keep posting pics.. I can't wait to see what my yarning becomes!!

Joansie said...

Great pics of Lucy. I enjoy bus commuting also because I can sock knit. Glad you survived your first day back to work.