04 May 2008

It was a good week.

And I should take pictures and show you everything that got accomplished, but I'm just...a little bit "eh" today. A little bit tired, a little bit slow-on-the-brain, you know how it goes.

Watching people who are actually answering the phones (as opposed to myself, who is still in training), I feel as though this job will, on some days, give me the opportunity to see most of the internet (again! as if there wasn't enough of that while I was working at the hospital...of course, I wasn't on Ravelry then, so...), while on other days, I'll be crazy-busy. But knitting is on the approved list of downtime activities, so that's a good thing -- and people seem to actually be supportive of children and families, which is another.

Example...on Thursday, we took our morning 15-minute break, and I took my breast pump into the office they'd given me to pump in, and I looked inside...and suddenly remembered taking out the shield parts and putting them in the cleaner, and thinking to myself "Now, don't forget those tomorrow." Oops.

I figured I'd walk down to the natural-kids store and buy new ones on my lunch break, but I was looking at a long (and uncomfortable!) two hours until then, and I was concerned about getting enough milk, if I had to do that...long story short, the trainer told me to just go and take care of it and get back. "It's important," she said, "We'll wait for you." She had the other trainees work on exercises so that I could make sure my daughter had enough to eat the next day. That just would not happen in retail. I was so pleased, I can't even tell you.

I've accomplished a lot of knitting this week. I finally seamed in the sleeves of the Bicolor Cardigan, and tried it on to realize that I started it when my chest measured a mild 36"; things have changed since then! I'll be wearing this cardigan open...there's no freaking way I'm frogging it and reknitting, even though there's an insane amount of leftover yarn.

I finished the Kay's Diamond shawl I was testknitting for Wendy, I just need to block it and photograph it, and then decide if it's for me, or a Christmas present.

I finished the socks I showed you on Monday, as well as finally finishing the most recent Rocking Sock Club socks (those green ones from awhile ago).

I frogged two other socks that I just wasn't ever going to finish; the Francie socks I'd been working on out of the CTH Sockittome, and some Nancy Bush socks out of some exquisite Lisa Souza Sock!Merino.

And I cleaned the bedroom. A little.

But I've been too tired to take pictures. My evenings have been about reconnecting with Lucy and Robb and home. This week coming is going to be a mess, Robb's jerk-of-a-boss is having him close every night he works, so I'll hardly see him. I'm not pleased. But we'll manage, and if necessary, I'll arrange to have his boss kneecapped. :)

Much love. Pictures later. :)


AlisonH said...

Sounds like you've got a great place to work.

Anonymous said...

I heartily volunteer for the kneecapping.

Also, glad your first week back was okay and even gladder that your new job seems cool.

Much love,

Karin said...

Kudos to that woman. That's a rare thing indeed, what she did to support you there at that moment.
I am happy for you.

ayla said...

Another thing you might want to learn to do is to hand express. It takes a little longer, but you can use it anywhere.