27 April 2008


it was awesome!

I've been trying to get to a Harlot signing since...well, for a while now. This year was the first time the stars aligned. It was also an awesome outing for Lucy and I; I go back to work tomorrow, and I was le ball de stress over it...today felt like some kind of bonding thing, even though my daughter won't be able to remember it...I like that I'll be able to say "Yes, I had to go back to work, but we took the coolest trip, just before I did..."

And of course, I had to add to the sock yarn stash. Hey, I'm going to be riding a bus for thirty minutes twice a day until Kingdom Come. I needs me some sock yarn!

Pictures some time when there's light. Not of Stephanie; the ladies I was hanging with and I decided to head up to the balcony, so my pictures were far away and dim and blurry. And then I completely meant to ask for a picture of her holding Lucy, meant to ask her to do it for Alison (hi!) but I got so addle-pated that I just plain forgot, and then I didn't want to cut the line TWICE. I did remember to tell her about my first pair of socks, that I knit, what, 10 years ago, and I just...skipped the heel flap. Oops. It worked...but they were very "interesting" socks.

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