03 April 2008

I am the coolest cool kid in Coolsville.

Know why? Huh, huh, know why?

Because Wendy (link fixed, thanks for the tip, Karin!) just finished designing a new shawl and I get to test knit it. In a DK weight yarn, no less. (I don't know why that makes it so much cooler, don't ask me. :) )

It's funny -- I wonder if she thinks it's a chore, and I think it's -- well, a sacred responsibility.

I went through agonies deciding on a yarn.

First choice was the mohair that Karin had sent me.

I love the color, but for some reason, the mohair just seemed to devour this pattern. I could make it work, I wanted to make it work, but it just wasn't working for me. Maybe a bigger needle...but I didn't want to reswatch, knowing the halo was still going to annoy me, in this pattern.

Next, I brought out some Jaeger Roma that had been frogged out of the Dollar And A Half Cardigan that was in VK or IK summer before last.

Again, love the color, now LOVE the stitch definition -- but there's no give to this. No drape. And what's a shawl without drape?

So I turned to a third yarn -- some Cashsoft DK that I've also had kicking around in a TOAD sweater that I've been working on since well before I met Robb two and a half years ago (sigh). I needed acres of stockinette to finish it, and it wasn't the right size anymore -- screw it.

Beautiful. I'm off to the races, and I finally get to move beyond the set-up charts. Hurrah!

Now, this one apparently has a huge issue that needs to be dealt with THIS SECOND so while I go figure out what the heck that is, go gaze at the girl who finally started sleeping without Mama there sleeping right next to her (it only took an hour! -- we'll see what happens tonight.)


Karin said...

That's awesome! Thanks for trying the mohair, but it won't do, you're right.

PLease check the link to Wendy when you get a chance...

AlisonH said...

I like the mohair a lot (I'd be going up a needle size or two if it were me knitting it, but I like it the way it looks when you're knitting it. I'm just lazy.)

What I really like best, though, is that adorable picture and those bright eyes looking back at the camera. She's so cute!

Joansie said...

Kristine, what is the pattern? I purchased a lot of DK Debbie Bliss on sale a couple months back and don't know what to do with it yet? Lucy is growing like a little weed!!!!