16 April 2008

Happy 1/3rd of a Year Birthday, Lucy!

Happy Birthday to you!

My little girl is 4 months old today! She doesn't go to the doctor until next Tuesday, so I can only give you approximate ideas of her stats -- she's about 24" long, I think, and about 13 lbs (based on the very elegant and scientifically accurate method of weighing myself and then weighing myself holding her). I'll let ya know after Tuesday (and three more shots -- almost as painful for me as her, I think!)

B, before you go nuts, the shirt doesn't say anything -- well, it says the letters a-z, but the o is changed into a heart, and it's lined up so it says i (heart) u down one side.

I promised you a pic of the purple/multi yarn, and I have fallen down on the job there; but here is the single of the yellow/turquoise/black merino.

I'll get the twist set tomorrow, and then I'll show you a pic of the yarn in person. I'm thinking of digging some grey out of the stash and trying out some two-ended knitting or some quasi-Norwegian otherness for a winter hat. We'll see. I messed up and plyed the yarn z-ways, so it would be ideal for two-ended knitting...but I don't wanna, because I'd have to spin another z-ways skein to match it and it's just not ever going to happen. Honesty in poker, and all that.

I would show you more of the lace shawl, but honestly, it looks the same. It's crumpled lace. Except that now the newest skein attached has a lot of crimp in it, having just been salvaged from a sweater that was cast on in 2005, if memory serves. Possibly earlier. Oh my. :)

Actually, that's a pic of the shawl that's only from yesterday.

And mentioning crimp reminds me that I discovered two pounds of romney roving in the closet. I can spin this stuff into something very close to thread (at least in my humble world) because of the staple length and immense crimp (don't I sound knowledgeable??). I'll try to remember to post pics of that tomorrow, too.

Big news on the home front: we've set an approximate date for the wedding! (Did I mention here that Robb proposed just before Thanksgiving?) Mom and I go to tour my preferred site for the wedding and reception tomorrow -- Robb's been at that location a lot, so he's just saying "If you like it, I like it."

Keep your fingers crossed that it's only crazy expensive, not insane expensive.


Anonymous said...

1) that t-shirt would have killed me
2) i really want to see your spun stuff off the spools because i think they are amazing!
3) happy birthday lucy!
much love, b

AlisonH said...

That last photo just steals the show. Lucy is so cute!

Karin said...

hmmm, now I go to your blog for THREE reasons: baby, knitting, and spinning!

Happy Birthday Lucy baby!

And: hooray for a wedding date!