15 April 2008

Wherein Knitting Fails To Hypnotise My Daughter

A quick "still alive" post. Lucy has discovered that elbows are for more than just jabbing Mama in the boobs, and that it is possible to progress from one's stomach to one's back, even if not in a stately manner. She can't actually get to her hands and knees yet -- she can either leave her belly on the ground and get her shoulders up, or leave her shoulders down and get her knees under her -- but she's trying.

And, in what I've been given to understand is proper baby fashion, this new expansion of skills has been met with a sudden burst of clingy, whiny behavior (four months old and the kid knows that whiny gets under my skin WAY faster than screaming) that I am doing my best to meet in my quasi-AP style -- which means I'm spending a lot of time baby wearing, and when that's not enough, just plain old cuddling my little girl. I don't think any knitter would ever be heartless enough to say such a thing, but just so we're clear, this wouldn't be a great time to tell me "just let her cry." I would have to go all mama-lion on anyone foolish enough to say such wretched things.

It wouldn't be so bad if the list of acceptable positions for holding weren't so small. Seriously, I get it wrong by a fraction of an inch, and you would think I just invaded a soverign country for no reason other than my own political and economic gain. Whoops, sorry, friends got me talking politics again. I'll be quiet. :)

However, the new comfy spot that has just been discovered is lying face down on my lap with her head hanging off my leg. What's that about? Weird baby.

Pictures when the pouty lip isn't hanging out, because I can't handle the lip long enough to hit the button.

Oh -- and something to tempt you to come back -- I found a length of merino fiber that I had dyed in spots of yellow, black, and turquoise. I spun it up -- made a surprisingly fine single, if I do say so myself -- and plied it with the purple. Want to see how it turns out? Come back soon!


Shan said...


Don't let her cry. Unless you love the idea of trust issues between you and your one.

By the way with the new arrival in my house, I've come to the realisation that Ferberising is just as great as detaching mothers always say it is......but not for humans - for puppies.

AlisonH said...

Four months is also the age where, if you get down on the floor with them, facing them, when they pull up high, if you smile at them, they just collapse in a grin of joy.

Karin said...

Four months! yay for another milestone. Yes, babywearing is the best, for both of you. Don't let anyone tell you any different.

Eagerly awaiting the result of your spinning!