26 March 2008

Because B won't let it rest until I post this...

Here's what happened during the recent bout of start-itis.

You've already seen the Francie sock and the Bias Tank.

To add to my list-of-shame, we have:

Sivia Harding's Waves in the Square pattern. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome. There is actually a cool story behind this -- I love love love this yarn (you might have noticed) and emailed CTH one day, saying that I had gotten their yarn at Kaleidoscope Yarns, my LYS, and adored the yarn, but wondered if they were ever going to make the yarn in a solid, because I thought it would be awesome for lace. Yes, I know, you would think that nylon wouldn't let a good block hold, but I figured as long as it wasn't for something I had to block severely, it would be great.

I thought of the whole Grumperina/Addi/Lace Needles thing, but never thought I'd start anything.

Two days later, though, I got an email from Jill, my LYSO -- CTH was shipping her their ten most popular colors in Sockittome solids, and would I like to know when they came in?

Seriously. How could I not start that shawl?

And then, while I was suffering weakness from those three escapades, my new Socks That Rock Sock Club kit arrived.

The yarn is called Lucky Charms and it's that color of which I am not fond. So, logically, I should want to bury this yarn away and just...pretend it doesn't exist, right?

You would think so. Apparently, I am weaker than I thought. I should point out that the teal-blue color is a complete fabrication by my camera that I couldn't photoshop to fix. I don't know why, but looking at the color my camera thinks this sock is actually makes me like the yarn more, as in real life, it's just sort of froggy-grassy. I'll fuddle with the camera more tomorrow when the baby isn't using her toes to offer helpful suggestions.

Now, on a different subject, Shan posted about something Mel mentioned, called Messy Tuesday. It's not Tuesday, but I feel so...liberated by seeing other people's un-ideal homes that I just can't help myself.

See this?

This is my coffee table. Scattered over with DVDs, yarn, and gaming system controllers. This was actually worse yesterday; there were dirty dishes.

See this?

This is what happens to my bedroom when I get exhausted and sick and fall behind on the laundry. Especially because the dryer in the apartment complex doesn't work for beans, so I have to dry clothes on the drying rack in the kitchen. It takes most of a day to do a load of laundry, and somehow, that makes it infinitely more exhausting.

It would be worse, but we just moved in two months ago.

Aaaah. This is me, stretching, feeling free. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

You lost me on new projects but you won me back with green.

My first thought before reading the text was, 'Wow, what a great color. Am I reading the wrong blog? I can't believe K is voluntarily knitting with it.'

I think having this baby-thing has affected you in ways one might not have predicted. Next thing we know, you will be posting about something in that giant lace-weight.

love, B

Shan said...

That dryer thing sucks.

Coffee tables the world over look the same, don't they? Maybe next week I'll do mine.

AlisonH said...

I should show you my sock bin o'doom sometime. Take six people, take disappeared sock mates, throw them all together in a composting bin and see, oh, about every other year, whether any matches have materialized yet. Try really hard to throw out any that still don't have a match, because by then they never will.

Anonymous said...

I hope you keep going with the lace--it's gawgous!

Also, re: coffee tables. I got rid of mine in favor of nesting tables that store under the tv. Not only have I eliminated that particular clutter magnet, but my shins have fewer bruises as well. :)

--OldVermonter on Ravelry

Anonymous said...

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