21 March 2008

Something interesting and entertaining here

I've thought of numerous titles for this post, including "Monogamy is for marriages," and "I was doing so well!" but in the end, I don't know, it just suddenly seemed less funny. Possibly because life got on my case pretty bad this week, and I'm feeling a little like a punching bag.

So yeah, a case of start-itis attacked, and my house is scattered over with half-started items of various degrees. I don't even have the energy to catalogue them for you; you'll see them as I get myself back to heel and get them wrapped up.

Here, look, to distract B from what I just said:

See, I was supposed to start the new job this week, but ended up sick with this Martian Death Flu that has upended New England. Couldn't start work on Monday, couldn't work on Tuesday, so no job now until the next training cycle starts in late April. I got pretty stressed out about it, but made some peace last night when talking to Robb about it all. I said something to the effect of "I just have to believe that this is God telling me that Lucy isn't ready to be without me five days a week yet," and he gave me this big, sweet smile, and said "I'm all right with that."

We're probably going to Glens Falls for Easter, provided that my mother stops having the Martian Death Flu, and that will allow me to have purty purty pictures to show you when I get back. I will keep you up to date.

This week's official WIP is the Bias Knit top out of Veronik Avery's Classic Knitting Style. It has a great honking boob in the middle of the boobs until it blocks out properly, so I'm loathe to show you a picture just now. :)

So, um, mostly this post seems to be saying, "HELLO!"

I'll go now.


Karin said...

Huh? What did you say? I got distracted by the cute picture of a cute dad with his cute daughter...

(Gee, powers that be? Please don't let that flu descend on the baby? Thanks.)

AlisonH said...

That is an incredibly, incredibly cute picture. I want to come hold her too. And Rob's a peach!

Anonymous said...

Dammit. Your trick actually worked. I was looking at the adorable-ness even as I was trying to read something about unfinished work. I do, however, have the lingering desire to sort something. Not sure where that came from...
Much love, me