01 March 2008

Ah, the calmness of life

Yeah, right. :)

we are officially no longer a one-car household. I'm not really sure how I feel about this, and plan to compensate by taking the bus as much as humanly possible...but the truth of the matter probably is that the public transportation around here SUCKS, so it actually is very helpful to have a car so I don't have to fight with Robb about whether or not I'm driving him to work so I can get errands done. Does the fact that I'm using cloth diapers almost exclusively now off-set this two car thing at all? Someone rescue the Latte Liberal, please.

To deal with my guilt, I figured I had to go the yarn store (oh, stop. Like you expected anything else?). Sockittome is one of my favorite yarns of all time, and I just had to have more of the Kaleidoscope exclusive colorways. They got me with the old "When they're gone, they're gone!". I held my ground and only got two, even though there were six I really really really really really wanted. I swear on my knitting needles that this:

is all I got. Sockittome in Sugarbush and Mad River, a skein of K1C2's Babyboo in Pink Ice to make Saartje's Booties for Lucy before she's old enough that she'll trip and die on them (a time that suddenly seems perilously close), and a skein of Manos Silky Wool that was in the bargain bin for $6 because someone's hand slipped when they were cutting open hanks. I'm thinking, stipey hat, maybe?

Cables & Corrugations sock continues, and I'm in love. Finished the first one last night (I can't believe I'd never heard of EZ's sewn bind off last night, it's the stretchiest, most wonderful thing, and the edge looks BEAUTIFUL) and immediately cast on for the second; toe's done, and I can start working on the pattern as soon as I sit back down with it.

Today, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Robb's back to work, so I shall be sitting down with a baby and a sock and a good audiobook. It beats fine wine anyday. :)


AlisonH said...

Cool new yarns!

Karin said...

it is so nice to see you blog again. For your sake. That means that life is semi-normal again!

Nice yarn, BTW.

Oh, could I ask for a baby picture, please?? I don't comprehend that part where I have to go look at them online somewhere?