25 March 2008

I have subscribers?

Imagine my shock when I realized there are four people who subscribe to my blog via bloglines.

Um, hi, guys!

I feel like I need to neaten up, or something.


Side 1 of the Bias Tank is done. It looks comme ca:

Yes, I know there's something of a... protuberance. A third boob, if you will. I have been assured by the folks on Ravelry that it goes away. If you've knit the correct size. This warning caused me to break out a tape-measure and see to what size the nursing had driven me. When I recovered from the horror, I cast on what should be the right size, and I should have a very slick looking top just in time for summer.

If I can keep my focus.

This sock has been my travel knitting. It's Francie, a pattern I found through Ravelry, and I thought it looked very cool...but I've been underwhelmed in the knitting. Possibly in part because the pattern makes itself sounds much harder than it is, and it's painfully unclear at points. When, exactly, am I supposed to start arch shaping? The world will never know. Meantime, however, I am completely enchanted with the yarn (more Sockittome) and have been rendered simple by the delight of waiting for the next little bit of pinky-purple.

Lucy and I hope you had a happy Easter!


Mary C. said...

Hey, hey! Looking good (for a top with a third boob). Actually, it looks stangely familiar. I found the whole thing had a pleasing rhythm to it, as long as you block out the boobage (hard, I know). Nice color choice. Definitely a wet block object, but you can steam it to get a vague idea. Good luck.

AlisonH said...

THAT project I have to SEE when it's finished. How on earth...

Lucy, meantime, steals the show. What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I really do like that sock color. Where are my exisiting projects progress shots though?

Also, did you see the UK study where Lucy is ranked the luckiest name? I thought of you. Now if she can marry a Ryan or a Jack, they will be set.

On blocking related news, I still have not blocked the sweater you helped me with from *cough* last year. I am wearing it and have just decided that the cables will eventually block themselves. Not yet, but maybe someday they will.

much love, B

Shan said...

I know, isn't it weird when you see you've got subscribers? Your hand automatically goes to your hair, so to speak.

Lucy is DARLING.