07 March 2008

Ah! A talking muffin!

Cables & Corrugations sock -- done!

Next out of the languishing WIP basket for socks will be the Friday Harbor socks I started out of Cascade Fixation about a hundred years ago. It's the purple sock in my little avatar photo, up there on the right.

After working with the soft, wonderful smoothness and luxury that is CTH Sockittome, I'm not in love with Fixation. I love the first sock -- it fits so wonderfully -- but the tension on the yarn is so strange feeling. It's like I'm never getting quite the right tension. I remember feeling this way before, and that sock fits perfectly, so I'm trying to just carry on, but I remember now why I made these socks anklets.

In adorable-baby news, Miss Lucy has started sleeping in her crib for naps. There has been much rejoicing -- it means I can actually get a small amount of housework accomplished every day, wahoo! Last night, I also put her in her crib until we went to bed. Before, I had been keeping her with me, or putting her in our bed surrounded by pillows, but she's been such a squiggleworm this week that I just feel better knowing she's in her crib where she can't accidentally fall to the floor!

We have house guests this weekend -- I've got to get to work!

Much love!

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