28 February 2008

FO! Cast on!

So, I figured out a rule.

For every languishing project completed, I can do something new. But I have to finish the new something, and I'm not allowed to start ANOTHER new something until that new something has been finished AND another languishing something has been finished.

I still haven't come up with a concrete rule for buying yarn.

So, to keep you up to date:

Bartholomew's Tantilizing Socks -- DONE!

I first started these socks...oh, sometime before I stopped working at Borders, I think. October? November? Sometime in there. I finished one, it was way too small, I got disgusted and stopped knitting. I'd cast on for the top of the sock, but just never finished.


Of course, there is one small problem. Look at the heels of the two socks. The bottoms of the heels in particular. Look closely.

Yup. One's a reinforced heel. One's a plain heel.


I haven't yet noticed it when I wear them; if I do, I'll figure out some clever solution that doesn't involve me reknitting the sock. Again.

So, as my reward for finishing those, I cast on:

Cables & Corrugations, out of the same book. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill, Sockittome, in a color exclusive to my LYS, Snow Bowl.

Can I just say that I LOVE this yarn. It's a Merino/Nylon blend, and it's incredibly soft. I've no idea what is different, really, between this yarn and their supersock, but it's like all the same great colors, without the -- well, koigu-esque feeling of the supersock. It's unbelievable. I just might have to go get more.

B, stop looking at me like that. There are exclusive colors! I want them!

Oh, hush.

In cool developmental news, I saw Lucy getting excited about a toy for the first time today. She's previously really only been a people-baby, studying faces to the point that her pediatrician couldn't get her to track the little light, because Lucy was so busy staring at the doc's face. (Reason I found the right pediatrician -- the doc then bobbed and weaved until she was satisfied that Lucy was tracking just fine!).

And I'm going nuts for Ravelry. I got an invite months ago, but just couldn't get into it -- I didn't have time. Now that I do...I'm loving it.

And if any of you who read this subscribe to Audible.com -- let me know what you think of it, please?



AlisonH said...

Oh, those are gorgeous! I love purples! Congratulations on getting them done, Kristine!

Oh, and, I used to bore my first baby to sleep by knitting in front of her.

Sheila said...

Great colors from one purple lover to another. All my colors seem to turn to purple! Babies are amazing little people!

Artemis said...

I'm Artemis42 on Ravelry.. :)

I swear, there's a group on there for ANYTHING.

I got to meet the creators of the site briefly at Stitches, which was awesome.