10 June 2007

Actual real live knitting content

Can you believe it? I know it's making me dizzy. Oh, wait, no, that's the 77° weather with the nearly 50% humidity. It's a darn good thing the doc gave me a medicine I can use for my allergies, that's all I'm saying. Yeesh. My poor nose.

Now, knitting content.

I finished the body of the ladybug sweater, and started the sleeve. I'm going to show you, but you have to promise something first. Promise you won't make fun of me for the myriad mistakes I made. Not the fact that the ladybug isn't properly centered, or that I didn't increase right away like I was supposed to, or that I completely forgot that I needed to change needle sizes until I was halfway home. None of it. Because I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you think you're reading one of those perfectionist blogs where someone pulls out photoshop to point out a teensy weensy mistake that half the time I can't see until they pull out their superexpensive camera and zoom waaaaaaay in, and then rip out a week's work to fix it...you're reading the wrong blog. If you're one of those knitters, I admire you. You're my personal hero. I aspire to be you. But it ain't never gonna happen. If you can't see it from a galloping horse, it's not worth my time, that's been my motto for a lot of years.


You promised, now, remember?

Here's what we have:

See, that's not so bad, right?

I'm not showing you the inside. Not yet. Maybe later.

So, real live knitting!

I also fell down at the yarn store yesterday; not as badly as I might have, and the bulk of my purchase was planned. I got this:

For the star sweater set I was showing off last week. Not the jumper, just the sweater, booties, and hat. Depending on how D&D goes tonight, I may cast on for this; we'll see if I can afford to be paying attention to the row counts in the ladybug sweater or not.

But the yarn store tricked me. They tempted me in with Dale ULL, and then had on display, not just a new shipment of Cherry Tree Hill Potluck, but two new sock yarns I've been dying to try. Really, it's lucky I made it out with just these.

The CTH in Jewels (it's so purpley, I swear they dyed it just for me) and a skein of Regia Silk color in a neutral-but-vibrant tone that just screams "baby hat & socks please!" and a skein of Tofutsies in a purpley blue colorway that I'm very excited about.

Can anyone else tell that I plan on having attention for nothing but stockinette socks after December? At least not for a little while.

Now, I'll leave you with a couple of family photos. First, my six-year-old Jilly-cat shows her fangs:

And then goes and claims to her Daddy that she's not a lap cat. This photo also contains a rare sighting of Robb, looking at the camera and not making a goofy face!!

Have I mentioned lately how completely and utterly I love my life? Even if it is so hot that I stole a pair of Robb's boxers.

84° tomorrow. God save me.


LisaDP said...

An uncentered ladybug? I sure can't tell where it is! And the sweater is so cute!

AlisonH said...

(Hi, Robb!)

My mom always used to say, "Hold your horses!" So my horse isn't galloping in the slightest, and I have no idea what error you think you're seeing, because I sure don't see any. The cat, meantime, is just warming up the spot for the baby when he arrives.

You did tell me it was a boy, right? Because it is. I said so.

Madge said...

Leapin' ladybugs, that's gonna be the most adorable baby sweater ever. Great job!