13 June 2007

Hat update.

Blogger saves your drafts automatically.

Not so much.


What I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by my computer deciding to finish the command it had been given yesterday to shut down (whatever) was that I hate the days when people get fired. Not me, but it still makes the day stressful.

In an update on the hat situation, I've decided to keep knitting. Robb came over and made some comment about it -- sort of a "What if it's a boy?" with a significant look at the pink stripe, and don't ask me how me managed to look significantly at a single row of color, but whatever -- and my reply was that if it's a boy, I'll sew a Red Sox patch on it and some random truck buttons or whatever. Because I love it. So nah. :)

Just in case you were losing sleep over what I'd do.

Lynne, it was nice to see comments from you again. Hugs!

Much love to all.


AlisonH said...

Luke (that's lilac pronounced when you're slurping through a straw at the same time) Luke, come over to the WordPress side! It works so much better than Blogger.

I'm sorry someone got fired. And for whatever was leading up to the point that someone had to. Back to knitting the hat, definitely.

Lynne said...

Alison, Robb and Kristine came over for a visit tonight and I definitely think this baby will be a girl. Are you up for a bet? $10 - if it's a girl, you owe me; if it's a boy, I pay you. Whadya say??

Lynne Croto (Robb's Mom)

AlisonH said...

Tell you what. Rather, if it's a girl, I knit her something in pink. If it's a boy, you knit something. (And if you don't knit yet, well, I can just hear Nancy-my-enabler who dragged me kicking and screaming to spinning and dyeing classes cackling and rubbing her hands with glee.)