23 June 2007

Has it been so long? Sheesh.

I'm tired of being tired.

I know that I have no real complaint compared to people suffering from all sorts of diseases. But once the nausea faded, I was once again struck with bizarre waves of unbelievable exhaustion. Example: I got up at about 5 am this morning to soak my toes before I went to work (ingrown toenails on both big toes got removed on Friday). I worked for nine hours, not including lunch. At 7pm tonight, I was overcome with exhaustion, and curled up on the couch for a "nap." Twenty minutes ago, Robb woke me up (second time this has happened in two days) to say that I should get up or go to sleep in bed. I'm not so tired that I'm not amazed that he put up with my five minute whine about how I didn't want to do either one (it's practice for having a child, I suppose) but I am amazed that I'm actually sitting upright right now. In about five minutes, I'm going to go collapse in bed and read The Black Stallion's Blood Bay Colt for another ten pages before I am overcome with snoring.

Finished the first sleeve on the ladybug sweater, faced weaving in the ends on the body of the sweater, got pale, and decided that a little break was in order. Started working on the Welcome set, the pretty one in pale blue Cashsoft DK -- the body was done, just needed the sleeves. Messed up the number of rows on the second sleeve cuff.

I was going to show you pictures of all this, but I'm too tired to go and turn on the camera.

I was also going to show you pictures of both this month and last session's BMFA Socks That Rock yarn, demonstrating that in three months, I haven't started knitting anything for myself. Apparently, that will also happen next time.

I leave you with this picture, just because Robb said I wouldn't dare post it. Our roomie has a girlfriend who needed a picture of his new haircut, and Robb was trying to crack J up.

Yup. Having his child. On purpose.


Robb said...

AGH! That's hideous. I have a much higher forhead in that picture than I do in the mirror. At least it's an accurate representation as to how weird I am.

AlisonH said...

Too funny! But--where are the bunny ears? That shot needs bunny ears, definitely!