10 May 2008

A Picture or Three

So, I finally blocked Kay's Diamonds; I LOVE how this shawl came out. It's soft and cuddle and big enough that both corners can go over my shoulders. It would need a pin to stay put, but it's as big as I wanted it to be. I loooooove it.

But most exciting this week is this sock.

See it, see how cute it is? With the traveling cable and the prettiness? Want to know what the pattern is?

I can't tell you, because I haven't written it up yet.

Do you know how cool that is to say? "Oh, yes, here's this new sock I've been working on. Oh, what pattern? No pattern, I'm MAKING IT UP OUT OF MY VERY OWN BRAIN!"

I feel tremendously smart, because I THOUGHT THAT UP.

I'm sure it looks exactly like some sock that someone else made a zillion years ago, and they probably did a better job with it, but I'm thrilled because I still thought up this one.

So, ha. :)

Lucy got her first taste of rice cereal yesterday. Hey, Mikey, I think she likes it!


Linda said...

Congratulations on both your shawl and your socks. You're right - it is a very cool sock and it is absolutely spectacular that you dreamt it all up out of your own brain. Hooray for creativity!

AlisonH said...

How cool is that! Enjoy, and I can't wait to see the rest!

Joansie said...

Everything looks great! The socks are defintely impressive. Happy Mother's Day!

Karin said...

I am signing in to say How cool is that! And Alison used those exact words. :)
Beautiful shawl.
Beautiful socks. When can we buy the pattern??

KnitSix said...

I love your socks! :-)