30 May 2008

You guess.

If I tell you that the new Socks That Rock club colorway was shades of purple, how long would you think it took me to have 20 WIPs? Not noticing Karin's comment that at least two of the items on my list (if I even remember the list correctly) contained multiple items?

No, seriously, guess.

If you guess right, I'll find a present for you. It'll probably be sock yarn. :)


AlisonH said...

Oh, about ten minutes...

siren416 said...
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siren416 said...

Let's see...... *20* WIPS? Assuming it takes 20 minuts to cast on, that would be 400 minutes, or 6.66 hours. Of course, if you can cast on in 10 minutes, it would be half of that...... Does that count as two guesses? ;-D
Love your theme. Purple is my absolute favorite color (I even have purple hair!)

Karin said...

It took you as long as it took to wind that yarn into a ball.

And if I win, don't send me sock yarn. I just sent out that sock yarn you won from me!
But my favorite color is turquoise right now. :)