14 May 2008

Now that I have a new-and-improved shift-key

I am willing to post from work, since my attempts at shifting no longer look LikE THiS.

It stressed me out. I'm OCD like that.

Thank you so much, all of you, for being so nice about my humble little sock; I have to take some time to write up the pattern -- maybe Lucy will take a trip with Grandma for a couple of hours on Sunday, I'm not sure -- but I plan on offering it sometime soon. I hope. I'll probably post it for free, because...I don't know, because I don't feel like I can charge for something the very first time I do it. You can disagree with me if you want, but you probably won't change my mind.

I have another sock that I'm working on, but it's an at-home sock, and I've been playing with it a lot, so I haven't been showing it to you here. There's a kinda cool story behind it though.

See, my friend Jacquelyn lives down south now, and my friend Ashley out west, but we all went to college together, back in the old days, when life was good and the wheat was high -- but I digress. Ashley, when she got out west, got fascinated with spinning, and has gotten quite good, first with a drop spindle, and then with a couple of wheels that she's picked up in the meantime. If you need proof of this, check out http://www.artemisiaink.com/ . She's sent me bits and bobbles now and then, but I haven't had just the right project yet, so the yarn lingers about, eating bon-bons and generally behaving like the artwork that it is.

Meantime, my friend Jacquelyn has a friend who has moved away, and her friend loved socks. No, really, loved socks. Like we love yarn, this woman loved her some socks.

So Jacquelyn thought, between my friend Kristine and my friend Ashley, I can make my friend some socks.

So Ashley got commissioned to spin up some yarn, and I got commissioned to knit up some socks. I'm inventing that pattern as well, but it isn't so clear and lovely yet, so I'm not giving up pictures just yet. But soon.

I promise. Soon.

As soon as I think that I can handle my job and designing a knitting pattern at the same time. The other one was easy, I can read what I did clearly enough just by looking at the sock. This one will be trickier.

And I have to figure out how to describe the process I went through, figuring out how long to make the foot. It involves math (ugh). I may require wine. We'll see how it goes.

Hugs to all of you.


Arashi said...

It is interesting how our generator is returning back to older skill-sets. My wife knits, cross-stitches, sews, and can make Lucet cord. Many of my female friends in the scene sew or knit; and I even have one who raises goats for their wool.

Me? I'm just handy with long pointy things when the apocalypse comes.

Haik Bedrosian said...

I'm still not comfortable with this 'blogging at work' thing. Congrats on the shift key, though.

Karin said...

Multi tasking in the most sophisticated way! I hope they know what a gem they hired.

Anonymous said...

hey, your blog looks different, and good different!
much love B

Artemis said...

Mmmm.. bon-bons. My yarn is living the good life!

Thanks for your kind linkage.. I wish you awesome patterning, and I can't wait to see what that lovely roving (dyed by Fiber Fiend) becomes.

Seriously, as you are a discerning knitter, I value your review quite highly.. thanks again.