09 March 2007

Well, I WAS going to show off how to Kitchener.

But then my camera batteries died. And there are only two batteries in the charger, instead of four. And no one will admit to seeing the other two (I think I took them to S. Royalton with me when I went to see Grammy, but I turned my bag upside down and shook, and they didn't fall out). And I can't find the OTHER battery charger, the one we moved with.

And I don't know if the photos I took will survive having no battery power.

And I'm now kinda grouchy.

So I'm going to wind the new Socks That Rock yarn that I got for this month's kit. Tomorrow, I'll whine about how everyone else got stripes of blue, or purple, and I got green and grey. >.<. And I'll buy more batteries (regular and rechargeable, because instant gratification isn't fast enough) tomorrow. And there will be pictures again.

Because everything stops for Socks That Rock.

Hip hip hooray.

OH! B! was the sock for your dad WAY too tight, or a little too tight? Because if it was just a little too tight, you can make it longer, and it will probably stretch to be comfortable.

Tomorrow, the new Socks That Rock kit, and kitchener stitching.


Tammy said...

Ok, I can't tell if you are really going to be whiney or not, but just to squash it first, the kit is green/grey/brown, but the photo in the pattern looks purple and green. They tried really really hard to get the color to be correct and it just wouldn't!!

Anonymous said...

currently i think they are WAY too tight but I have decided to carry on and hope that the universe except for my socks will shink just a little bit

love B