27 March 2007

Still breathing

I've been avoiding the world this past weekend, partly due to exhaustion, partially due to workload, and partially due to emotional instability. Nothing terrible, just some bad news I know will be coming down the pike, but until it actually arrives, all I can do is wait. I hate waiting. I want to know that the cancer is back and that my aunt is refusing treatment, because then I can grieve and be with her and hold her hand and cry. Until then, I am just waiting for confirmation, and, as stated, I hate waiting.

I know that this should galvanize me to go down to South Royalton tomorrow to see Grammy, but I just can't do it. Not this week. I'm too tired and too bitchy, and I would be no kind of fit company. I promise, absolutely swear, to get off my ass and go down with whichever of my brothers want to come with me, next Wednesday.

The weather here is finally warming up, so all things wool that are not socks (but mostly including the socks as well) have gone into the basket to wait for fall. On the needles are the Dollar & a Half cardi (I'm tolerating the boring lace pretty well, thanks for asking), and some bamboo socks from the Regia Bamboo yarn. I want to try the Trekking XXL yarn next, and I have some Regia Surf that I bought last summer kicking around. It should start being warm enough to knit socks while I walk to and from work, so I'm going to start keeping them in my purse again. Yay!

I switched from bamboo needles to my Addi Turbo's on the Lily of the Valley shawl, and it has made a huge difference. The needle point is still painfully blunt, but the slipperiness of the needles makes it easier to make the stitch bigger and the yarn over looser, and that seems to be the key. That, and knowing that it's going to take me a year to make this shawl. I'll survive it. :) I'm trying to knit a couple of rows every other day, and I'll get there eventually. I'm going to order the Addi Lace Needles on Friday (yay Payday).

I promise to post pictures of wedding like stuff this afternoon. I'll find the energy somewhere. :)


AlisonH said...

I want to zip right on over, so that I can be the one doing the visiting and you can be the tag-along, working on your sock in the background with nothing expected of you and the emotional load lifted off you and the burden of going instead on my shoulders. There. Nice and easy that way. (I can wish!)

AlisonH said...

When last seen, our heroine was heard swearing off all but sock knitting and was proclaiming the $1.50 sweater boring. Lace. Boring! The horror, the horror. Fingerprints left at the scenes of other blogs leave us to suspect our heroine is live and kicking, and we have great hope to hear from her or her captors soon.