14 March 2007

First, I just gotta say it.

It looks like the most optomistic willywarmer that ever existed. But it is, in fact, the toe of the newest Socks That Rock Sock Club kit sock.

I'm not sure how I feel about this sock. The pattern doesn't wow me, the colors are muddier than I would ever buy for myself...I'm enchanted with the zigzagging stripes, which is a good thing, because if that army green shade had pooled, I would have just burst into tears.

But I am knitting the second sock. Maybe I'll keep them, maybe I won't. We'll see how the cookie crumbles.

Right now, all of my assigned knitting projects are so boring that it's actually painful. The Inside Out socks? Just finished the first one, so I have another foot full of k2p2 k2p1 ribbing to do before anything interesting happens again.

Knitting a scarf for a friend whose mother is going downhill very quickly from systematically invasive cancer. It's out of the Victorian Lace, one of the 400yd quick scarves? I've done 20 repeats of the elongated garter stitch, and the 7 more that I need to do (all 30 and I think I'll run out of yarn) might just put me in an early grave.

Last night, I even cast on for the Dollar And A Half Cardi (there's been lots of talk of substitutions, I'm using Jaeger Roma in a mocha kind of color) only to realize that the entire back is the same boring lace pattern (although the extra photos on the website make it look different than the pattern describes, I'll need to go read the pattern more closely).

And finally, it occured to me that since temps in Las Vegas have been hitting the 80s this week, wearing a big old Mohair shawl might not be the best plan. I'm certainly still going to block it and bring it, but depending on the temperatures at the hotel where Robb's sister is getting married, I may be wearing my little purple Angel Pearls scarf instead! I'll keep you posted.

Okay, off to do some more incredibly boring knitting. Have fun!


AlisonH said...

That picture opened up, I thought, Oh my, and then your description popped into view. Did you hear me guffaw from here!?

One thing about Vegas, it's the desert: it cools off fast, and you're going to want something to keep you warm early mornings and late into the evenings. It's coming up soon, finally, isn't it. Have a great trip!

Karin said...

Umm Kristine? I'll be happy to take those socks off your hands? Thanks! :)
I wear a size 7 shoe. :)

Sheila said...

It has been unseasonably warm in Southern Utah and Vegas. Remember, the casino are air conditioned and can be cold! I haven't heard an extended forcast. When are you going to Vegas?

Kendra said...

Hi, Kristine! I just found your blog and I've enjoyed reading it. Your Scheherazade is inspiring me to pull mine out; I finished knitting it months ago but never got around to the blocking, which it sorely needs. I did mine in the Skacel Merino Lace that you started out with; what made you decide to switch to the mohair/silk you ended up with? It's gorgeous, by the way!