24 February 2008

O Blessed Peace

For the first time in -- okay, well, just since this morning, but still -- Lucy is asleep. Completely, totally, 100% asleep.

I don't expect it to last, but I can hope.

She's ten weeks old today, and I may end up going back to work -- not the Bookstore'o'evil, but work all the same -- as soon as next week. So, for the benefit of those who might be taking care of her, I'm trying to get Miss Lucy onto some kind of schedule.

This is, so far, like herding chickens. But she slept 5 whole minutes unattended in her crib today. It's better than the zero minutes she'd done before that.

She's in our bed now, surrounded by pillows, with the Chant album playing. Monitor on. Mom having silent fits of worry every time there's a squeak. I'm sure you know how it goes.

So I'm here to tell you about knitting. :)

One of my best friends, B, (you may remember her from last April) came to visit for the weekend. We unpacked and (dear god, can I say it?) organized the stash. Seriously. All the sock yarn has its own bin, wherein it's been organized by color. By the way, B? You were right both about me being too chicken to put away the yarn we bought, and that I'd start the EZ Pie Are Square shawl (instructions in the most recent VK) as soon as you were out the door. Actually, no, I did finish both pairs of socks like I promised. But then?

Ah, the monster wakes. Back later!


Anonymous said...

yea! that looks really awesome. the real colors are even better than the picture. and I am so excited about the socks.

and my winder -- so awesome. i have now wound everything I have, which is not really that much because my ocd stresses me out if I have too much waiting for me. even so, I really want to get more yarn just to wind it. so I think I just have to knit more, maybe not this next two weeks -- crazy work. but if you can knit with Lucy, I have to be able to find time.

much love, B

AlisonH said...

Best of luck with all that; I wish I could make it easier. But I'm awfully glad you've had those ten weeks.