11 February 2008

In the Spirit of the New Year

Ladies, I have seen something terrible.

It happened while I was moving. While my guard was down. I saw it.

All of it.

In one place.

My stash.

All of it.

Oh my.

And I know that I don't have anywhere NEAR as much yarn as some people who are reading this. I know I don't have anything LIKE the amount of yarn that I've seen in other people's houses...but I don't have a house. I have a two bedroom apartment, and a sudden influx of clothes that belong to someone much tinier than me, who, nevertheless, is occupying a surprising amount of area.

It gave me a case of -- you won't believe this -- finishitis.

I know.

I cleaned out the project basket. I didn't take pictures of all the things I took to the frog pond, but let's just say that I saved $50 in needles I don't need to buy after all. And, I found half a dozen things that I'm ashamed aren't done.

See this?

Just needed a picture taken and put here so that it could be officially considered done.

See this one?

Finished it last week, it just needed to be seamed and have the buttons (rescued from Grandma's button box) sewn on.

This one's the really shameful one.

Finished TWO SUMMERS AGO. Seamed up and everything. Just needed to sew on the buttons. And I'm not sure why the one front is longer than the other in this picture -- it doesn't look like that in real life. Oh well.

There's more. There's a sweater that just needs to be cut and finished STILL only now I need the yarn to finish it (and I have to make up an edging, but that's practically nothing, and I'm seriously considering binding tape, just to finish the cursed thing, it's been sitting in the basket since college). There's a scarf that's blocking on the floor so it can be drive-by'd to my doctor tomorrow morning (thanks for taking such good care of me and my uterus present). There's a pair of knit pants that I made for Lucy that just need to get seamed and have elastic sewn into the waistband.

I'm trying hard to finish some things before I start anything new. But there's some cascade lace that's just begging me to find it some Kid Silk Haze to play with...it might win, we'll see what happens.

Take care!


AlisonH said...

Look at all those--COOL! You got them done! Congratulations! (And so good to see you blogging again, I'll add selfishly.)xb

~Lynn~ said...

Beautiful work! And I don't even dare to talk about the yarn I have. Used to own a yarn shop and I kept a lot of it. LOL Love reading your blog.