27 November 2007

Thank you to the universe

For that day when I got stubborn and made my mom and step-dad come over and put in railings on the basement stairs, rather than trying to force my landlord into it (a lost cause, regardless of the law. I also don't have storm windows, a hardwired CO2 detector, or proper insulation.

If I did not have railings, I'm pretty sure we'd be on our way to the ER right now.

At it is, my toes on my right foot hurt, I bruised a finger, and scraped my arm. This is a much, much better alternative.

Thanks, God. Thumbs up to you. :)




Mom said...

I'm sorry you got hurt and glad you and Lucy Joy are okay. Next time you see Al, give him a huge hug for me!!

Karin said...

Yikes that is scary.
When I was very pregnant with my Annemarie, I fell down the front steps right outside my doctor's office after a check-up! Went right back in, back on the table, they didn't care about my scatched up knees or hands...but they listened to the baby and monitored me for a minute, then I was sent on my way. I went home and watched "Roan Inish".