08 November 2007

I don't want to hear one stinkin' word...

...about nesting.

Robb already said his fill while laughing at me.

The fact that I want the stash to be organized is nothing to comment on. I can't imagine why you would. Not at all.

If you want to see the newest level of insanity that I've hit, check out my photo site. And no, of course that isn't all of it. It's a start. I can see what I have (and I found two skeins of Lisa Souza's yarn that I was starting to suspect had somehow been lost). I need to figure out how it can go back into the closet and be organized there, as well. I'm really not sure how that's going to happen.

What will be really scary is if I start photographing WIPs. That would make me start being a bit more honest about where all my knitting needles are, huh?

Meantime, I'm off to knit Lenore. I want my second sock done, please. :)

There will possibly be more photoshoot later. I'm not terribly concerned about color authenticity, I don't really want to sell anything (that I've found so far), this is more for me to start being more aware of what I have so that I can a.) not feel guilty when I want something I really really don't possess already and b.) stop myself when I want something that is exactly like three things I already own.

It's a good theory, anyway.

Much love.


Kendra said...

Your 'newest level of insanity' doesn't look any different from my stash at Ravelry, and I don't think it's at all insane. Just organized. :-)

And I did once purchase a ball of sock yarn only to find I already had one (in the same dye lot, even). I just figure it'll become a shawl instead of a pair of socks!

AlisonH said...

You just wait, ROB'll be nesting in his own way, if he isn't already. They do that.

Karin said...

Ummm...I looked at your stash pictures. Is that all you have?? :)
I don't even want to begin to tell you how much yarn I have accumulated over the last few years. If Robb ever comments, send him my way .:)
BTW, that is a beautiful photo site you have there, how'd you do that?

AlisonH said...

Heh. Go look at my blog, Kristine...