14 November 2007

One more month.

To the more-or-less date.

We're not talking about the possibility of late babies around here. As far as I'm concerned, December 13th is a late baby, as I was originally promised that I would be due December 6th, and was therefore planning a late date of the 13th. So, um, yeah. Plus, this kid is totally a Sagitarius (the only thing that calms my stomach when it's in a rage is spicy food), so she has to be born before December 20th, right?

Despite the number of people commenting on how "cute" it would be to have a Christmas baby, I know better. I was born December 28th. I've never had a proper birthday in my life, and most everyone, if they remember my birthday in their Christmas haze at all, sends a joint Christmas-birthday present. Hmph. At least, if I can birth the kid in mid-December, she'll have a fighting chance of being remembered. I think you have to be better off in the ramp-up than in the let down.

7 more days of work. Then my leave begins. This means that I'm taking a hit with a couple of unpaid days but -- and you can say this with me if you want -- I. Don't. Care. I'm not concerned about the money, Robb and I still have a significant portion socked away, and I just can't survive the work of labor and newborn-ness if I'm running around frantically at work. Although, who knows, maybe I'll report my new-and-improved pelvic pain to my doc on Friday and she'll decide I need bedrest. I wouldn't complain about that. But even if she doesn't, that's a mere 42 hours left in that stupid building. My new boss is no better than the old one, and is possibly even worse.

So, November 25th, I'm free. I will curl up and knit tiny things and putter around the house and take walks and watch Planet Earth again. And again. And maybe again. And I'll be a little more rested for when it comes time to welcome my little one into the world.

I knit one pair of baby pants out of some Knitpicks Shine I had lying around, and then started a second pair that are more fun. I will fiddle around and show them to you tomorrow I suspect.

I posted more pics of stash and -- goddess help me -- some WIPs on the photosite.

I also found some really wonderful new tea -- Lipton's white tea with pomegranate and blueberry. I think it's funny that the box says something like "with real blueberries!" because it made me think "And fake pomegranate?"

I think that's all of my news.

Erm...yes. :)



AlisonH said...

Don't plan your leave for too far ahead of when she'll get here: December 13th is the perfect day to have her. That's MY birthday!

Karin said...

I sure do hope she's born on Alison's birthday. Wouldn't that be wonderful?
I am so glad to hear you are going on leave, especially during the crazy holiday season.
Just before I had my son, now 17, I had a few days off too and I went to the movies between getting everything ready. It was great fun.

Ranee said...

If it makes you feel any better, both our first and second were born exactly on time. Dominic came on his father's birthday, which fell on Father's Day that year. The other three have been scheduled c-sections, so they came early, and we got to pick their birthdays.

Also, both my natural labors were relatively easy. I have no nightmare stories about them, and I think most women do alright.

Can't wait to see pictures of the little one. :)

Droelma said...

I think if your daughter is born in the middle of December her birthday might not be much different from yours on the 28th.
I was born on December 14th and have suffered many years of the combined Birthday-Christmas gift.
Like a key for my birthday and the scates for Christmas ( yes, that's how old I am....skates needed keys to be fastened to shoes back then..lol....)....or a camera case for my birthday.....and then.....BIG SURPRISE.....a camera for Christmas.....
Wishing you a wonderful last month with lots of rest, knitting and gentle preparations.....

Angelika from Mexico City