27 October 2008

I aten't dead

The past few weeks, man. Oy.

She's crawling. EVERYWHERE. Her new favorite game is "What does it sound like when this hits the floor? And what does this taste like? And what does it sound like when it hits the floor? And what does this taste like? And...ow I hit my head MAMAMAMA!!! No, don't hold me, I want to run around! No, don't put me down, I want to be cuddled. No, I want to be held and cuddled AND run around! I HATE BEING A BABY!!!"

I swear, I see it all in her eyes. Especially when we're around her older cousins, all five of whom are walking now. She watches them with this eager, anticipatory look, then chases after them on her hands and knees. Well, this weird feet-and-hands crawl that she's adapted from somewhere, causing the numerous head bonks as her butt is waaaaay up in the air and her face is looking down instead of ahead.

Meanwhile, I have zero time. Seriously, I'm very glad that this is my virtual living room, because my real living room looks like Hurricane Lucy hit it. Oh, wait, it did. Go figure. The center of the living room is covered with sewing stuff, from when I sewed Lucy's Halloween costume (pictures as soon as I download them) and the new blouse for my ren-faire gear (promptly smeared the white sleeve with grease, somehow, thanks VERY much). The coffee table is invisible beneath assorted knitting supplies and my macbook. The kitchen...well, after some work yesterday, the kitchen is relatively clean, because that's where clutter has a chance of turning into bugs and infestation. We don't want that.

Successes, because they're worth mentioning: cooked all weekend; made shepherd's pie and chili. I like cooking in winter much more than in summer. In summer, I could survive on crackers and hot pepper jelly.

The knitting deadlines are starting to pile up; I think Melissa's bridesmaid-shawl is going to have to be put off until after Christmas, because I want to knit a box of food for the kids to have at Grammy & Poppy's house for their play-kitchen. I thought I might sew some big squares of brightly colored silks for their play room too. And some for Lucy as well. A recent scare in regards to her lead levels (they're not properly elevated, just on the borderline; my gut instinct as I've been investigating is that it's an old exposure, and is now resolving itself, but it's still stressful) has me wanting to clean out the whole world, ya know?

I am sitting directly under a florescent light, which is bad for my world. I need to get one of those gooseneck lamps we all had in college and equip it with a full spectrum bulb.

And I'm very, very tired.

But other than that, life is still good here. Expect a picture heavy post sometime this week. :)


Em said...

I think you're doing beautifully. Cooking during chaos? Incredible. Since Dory arrived, almost 3 mos ago I think I've started and finished approximately three meals! And that's just because of nursing, a completely stationary event! We just spent the weekend around a 1 yr old and I don't know how I'll get anything done when she's that age. Yikes!
Can't wait to see the (handmade no less!) costume!

AlisonH said...

Thank you for taking me back in time to the days when. My first one, when she tore apart the pots and pans I'd just stacked neatly in the cabinet, it drove me nuts. By the fourth kid, it was, hey, have a good time, kid (and glad I get to make dinner while you entertain yourself.)

Will I get to meet Lucy and Robb?

Shan said...

Ah, wonderful! The modified crawl - I only had one crawler, the other was a butt-scoocher. Super cute! Take video - in a few years you won't remember what it looked like.

PS: word verification: tushes.

msubulldog said...

Thanks for your comment on my junkie elephant--I nearly died laughing! :)
Us moms understand about the loss of sleep. My almost-18-month-old still doesn't. *sigh*