10 November 2008

It is a blow to one's ego

and one's status as the hippie-crunchie-granola-mom in the family when, despite months of feeding my daughter the best organic, local, healthy foods that I can find, it is becoming painfully clear that, if she could, she would exist on Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and ice cream. Someone please tell me that all children go through this phase? It doesn't help that she's impossibly cute as she begs for scraps. I mean, begs for food. I mean...

I'll tell you more about knitting when I'm not in insane WRITE 50000 WORDS BY 11/30 mode.


Kendra said...

The macaroni-and-cheese and ice cream phase? I sometimes go through a (temporary) patch of it even now, and I'm 41.

Karin said...

I hate to break it to you...but it's a life-long phase. You can always do YOUR best, and keep offering the kid good food, but not all relatives and schoolmates and other moms think the way you do and she will meet other food.

But you can make a stand and hold your ground. Stick to your principles. Eat the same healthy way you want her to eat. And above all, have a sense of humor about it...and I know you got it, Kristine!

For further discussion, email me. :)

I'll see you on Friday, I hope!

AlisonH said...

My youngest went through a phase at 13 where he came home every day and wanted a can of meat spaghettios. Every day. For six months. And grew six or seven inches during that time, so, hey, it's okay.

Try to offer him that stuff now and he'll think you're trying to kill him.

See you tomorrow! And if your throat is sore I'll hand you a face mask if you really want, okay? Just come!

georgia said...

haha. i hear ya. why eat the delicious organic mango mama bought you when you can beg for a bite of grandma's starbucks scone? i think the forbidden foods taste better. it might also explain why they love to eat paper and dog hair too... :)