13 October 2008

October, take two!


The beginning of this month was kind of a wash.

I don't know if this wretched stomach flu is hitting other areas as hard as it is ours, but with Robb, Lucy, and I, all laid low in rapid succession last week...October needs a do-over.

Just before my near-death-experience, I bought a set of blocking wires -- I actually found that the ones that my LYS sells were cheaper than going to the hardware store and getting good enough wire that it wouldn't rust and discolor the yarn. But then I was too sick to experiment. Sad!

Also, no writing all week. Although I did sit down and churn out 500 words this morning. Hooray!

Other than that...not much to report. Life is good. :)


Joansie said...

Even cheaper and as good for blocking rods are stainless steel welding rods. I purchased mine for a total of about $5....welding place on Williston Rd. They come in different lengths.

Em said...

Hooray for five hundred words! I think that might be the film sequel- 500. :-) See you on Ravelry all the time thought I'd stop by and say 'hi'! Hope you're all well and better soon!