02 July 2008

Snatching a moment.

Sneaking in to say hello during a 5 minute break.

Training proceeds, no worries. I will very much enjoy the new tasks, and I'm excited for them.

Last night was rough, for some reason; Lucy went to bed with no-muss-no-fuss, and I turned in a couple hours later. It was all very fuzzy in my brain, as I was VERY tired from teflon-brain induced by too-much-learning-about-pharmacy-programs.

I woke up a few hours after I'd gone to bed; some part of my brain thought Lu might be hungry, but she was sound asleep and totally at peace. And it occurred to me that she didn't need me nearby to sleep. I was proud/sad/lonely all at once. I expect that feeling will occur often as the days pass and my little girl grows.

College is practically right around the corner.

Much love to you all.


AlisonH said...

There is a song Sally Rogers had on an album I owned, that I used to sing to my Jennie when she was Lucy's age. It goes, "Where are you going my little one, little one, where are you going, my baby, my love? Turn around, and you're two, turn around, and you're four, turn around, and you're a woman now going out of my door."

And then she did.

Joansie said...

Oh, no...........not the start of empty ness syndrome yet! Trust me, Lucy will venture on her own like to the next room, realize what has just happened and will run back to make sure you are still in the other room in case comfort and security is needed.

Joansie said...

Darn...I meant to say "empty nest"...proofread first, I tell myself.

Sheila said...

Focus on the proud feeling. Lucy is a wonderful baby and you are a good mother. Happy 4th.

Shan said...

I love your blog.

The first night Charlotte slept away from us she was 2.5 years old and I cried mournful tears. It felt like I had left a limb in the other room.