23 July 2008

Inner Strength

It's the only reason I'm awake today.

The second tooth on the bottom front FINALLY cut through yesterday, meaning that my baby finally got some damn sleep. Thank GOD. I'm sorry for the excessive use of capitals, but TRULY. Still, as Robb and I try to keep the stress of life from translating through to our relationship, I got very little sleep last night, and what I got didn't feel very restful; I think I'm going to go to bed when Lucy does tonight, especially since Robb won't get home until near 11pm.

Last night, I was up late knitting a sweater, watching Gilmore Girls, and scrubbing a pan of burned-on spaghetti sauce. Fascinating evening. I'm kinda entertained by this sweater (no, I didn't take pictures, why would you ask me such a silly question??), designed by Ann Norling, and knit by little ole me out of Love It Colors; I loved the sample knit up in the shop, but it kind of bugged me that the color repeats were out of sync. I don't know why, as I'm not normally a matchy-matchy girl. Which, incidentally, completely stressed out my bridesmaids on Saturday. It was hysterically fun; I never thought I'd have to get all Bridezilla to convince them to get the dresses they actually wanted.

Anyway, I don't know what I did differently, but my sweater is a perfect line-for-line match on both fronts. It's lovely.

Of course, to pay me back, I'm getting the wrong gauge with the Lamb's Pride on the adorable skater-top. I think this sweater is going to need to be redesigned to fit. Sigh. It's cute enough to be worth it.

All in all, I'm a tired camper, but a happy camper. Life is feeling a little more bearable this week; money woes aren't gone, but they feel manageable. I can draw the obvious conclusion as to why this is, if you want to draw it too, that's fine, but do me a favor and don't say it yet, because it feels too new, too fresh to be bandied about without sounding like some sort of revivalist convert. I'm too New England for that.

More to come when I've slept. Hoorah!


Karin said...

One thing I've had to learn a few times over in my life (during baby-rearing; post-surgery; shop-keeping; etc) is that SLEEP IS VERY IMPORTANT. Back atcha with the capitals.

Please make sure you get enough sleep whenever you get a chance. I mean it. :) Leave the dishes in the sink.

Shan said...

I imagine it's really hard to get enough rest with a baby AND a job. I was so lucky and didn't have to have them both at the same time, so could sleep at any time, as long as she did.

Of course, mostly I spent that time lying on the couch nursing and watching Buffy.

But I COULD have slept.

Take care of yourself. I'm looking forward to hearing the obvious conclusion since I am too thick to reach it myself.

AlisonH said...

Many hugs your way. Robb's and Lucy's, too.