09 July 2008

Public Service Announcement

The baby is teething.

The fact that all of us have survived the last three days is mainly due to the development of Infant Tylenol.

Before I had a baby, I said there was nothing worse than mothers who drugged their children so that the kids would sleep and poor little mommy could get some time on her own.

Shows what I know.

It is, in fact, a self-defense technique. Because if you strangle the child, who is crying (truly through no fault of their own, but when they're making that sound I swear you don't know that) and crying and crying and wearing doesn't help and nursing doesn't help and thumb sucking doesn't help (because as soon as she drifts off enough to be careful, her thumb bumps the sore spot, and then the screaming starts again), if you strangle the child, you'll be sent to jail, and no one wants that.

Note: I'm trying to be funny. If it's not coming off that way, please blame extreme exhaustion. One sharp little corner of the tooth in question has already poked through -- any chance that means there's an end in sight? And I've already tried washclothes and cold teethers, she will have nothing to do with them.


AlisonH said...

One thing it took me way too long to learn, and I offer it for whatever it's worth or not, was to take the kid's pacifier or thumb out of their mouth as soon as they were asleep, so they didn't need it there to stay asleep. That was much less successful with thumbs, though.

Shan said...

Yes, once the tooth has cut through the gums, it's a huge relief for them.

I used the (Hylands?) homeopathic teething tablets to good effect. I had one good teether (i.e., "Hey! She has a tooth!) and one bad teether (i.e., "Oh My Freaking Crap, hand me a scalpel and I will do it mySELF.")

Jill said...

Hylands Teething Tablets saved my life! I had twins and teething was awful until I got the teething tablets. I think they TOTALLY worked - and my kids, as infants, even started to calm down when I shook the bottle. It worked like a treat does for a dog.

Ann said...

Orajel makes a baby formula! You rub it on the owie.

Worked for the Tiny Prince of Wails when his first tooth came in in May.

Karin said...

Hylands teething tablets. Yes they work.

I hope things are much better now?

Sounds like she will do everything in life in an intense way.

Norma said...

Oh, yes, I do think we got the funny. I did, anyway. It is such a hard thing, being a parent. How the species survives is really beyond me. Heh.