01 December 2007

Saying goodbye

Yesterday afternoon, about 5pm, I got the call that my Aunt Diane had passed away in the respite house, after her five year battle with different kinds of cancer. Started with breast cancer in 2002, when they removed some lymph nodes and did some radiation. She seemed to be in recovery for a lot of years, but two years ago, she developed a kind of leukemia that just isn't very pleasant. Really, her survival for this long is a miracle in and of itself, and as much as I can truly ask of my deity of choice; we didn't think she'd make it through last Christmas, much less this one.

She went peacefully, in the end, with her children and her sisters there with her. She said her only regret was not getting to meet my baby, and I told her in no uncertain terms that I expected her to be there for my delivery, watching over me, regardless of what sort of body she had in order to get there. She'll take care of me, I know, I have no fear of that.

And I hope that, in the next life, she can find more peace than she had in this one.


Karin said...

Kristine, I am glad her suffering is over. I am sorry she didn't get to see your baby on this earth. But I know she will be there, just like you said.
Thinking of you--K.

Tammy said...

I agree with Karin above, I am thinking of you and the rest of your family.

spindyeknit said...

Oh, Kristine. I'm so sorry. Now, at least, she'll get to see everything and bring your daughter to you, instead of you bringing her to her. You've cheered her on; now it's her turn.

Brynne said...

Sending my condolences and happy thoughts. I'm glad that she no longer has to suffer but it's a sad day when someone close dies from cancer.

I am sure that she will find more peace in her next life.

Lene Andersen said...

I came late to this, but my thoughts are with you. Balancing the relief that she has peace with the sadness of loss... never easy.