30 December 2007

Oops, what happened to my life?

Okay, I'm being facetious. I know exactly where my life went. Here:

With my adorable, sweet, wonderful little girl. But it keeps shocking me, just how far gone I am in love with her. My house kinda smells, I should be packing (we found a new place and will be moving as early as the 4th or as late at the 7th of January), grandmas keep stopping by wanting to hold the baby...but I just kinda carry on. Loving her. With all my heart. And hoping and praying for the day she starts sleeping through the night. Although I got my first real dose of terror this morning when, for the first time since she was born she didn't wake up fussy at 4am. I woke up at 4:27 am convinced she must be dead and rolled over in a panic to see which of us had killed her to find that she was totally asleep -- or had been until I rolled over in a panic and woke her up. Sigh.

There's been very little knitting here at Chez Lucy, since knitting requires two hands, and she likes to be held quite a lot, thank you very much. I have one thing to share that I made as Christmas present for my little nephew at my father's family:

A snowman hat for Sam, out of Berocco's Love It. The yarn was the right color, the price was right, and I have enough left over for one hat for Lucy, if I stripe it right, or two hats for Lucy, if I buy another skein of coordinating yarn.

I already showed off the socks for Amy's little ones, Lily and Vinnie (Lily is only three months older than Lucy, and they are both destined to grow up at Poppy and Grandma's as "Lily-I mean Lucy-I mean STOP THAT!"), and I apparently did not take pictures of the hats I made for Molly (a bunny ear hat out of Berocco Chincilla) and Tessa (a plain hat with little crocheted rosettes on top out of some stash wool... Manos, I think).

This was actually a great stash busting holiday, as the only yarn I had to buy was for Sam's hat. Go me!

If you haven't gotten enough of Miss Lucy, check out my photosite, where it's practically-all-Lucy, nearly all of the time.

Much love.

P.S. -- Yesterday was my birthday. I'm 28 now. Go me!


Lene Andersen said...

Happy birthday! That baby is seriously the third-cutest child I've ever seen (sorry - I'm a bit biased towards my sister's twins).

AlisonH said...

Happy birthday, Kristine! And to Lucy, too, for that matter. She is so adorable! As are all of you--I loved the photo display. And I laughed at the "Lily--I mean Lucy--I mean STOP THAT!" Been there lived through that with my little sister Anne, who never had the grace to stay shorter than me like her 19 months' worth of extra youth required. Not only did our parents trip over their tongues, but outsiders always assumed we were twins.

Brynne said...

Happy birthday!! I can't get over how cute Lucy is. My husband is going to start banning me from looking at your blog. I think we're still alittle (what am I saying?) a lot affraid of the baby thing. but seriously cutest thing.

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday K!! I haven't gone to look at the pictures of Lucy yet, but the ones you've posted here are just adorable! Happy New Year to you, Robb and Lucy.