14 January 2008


To say that I survived the new year.

And we got the new place.

And a team of Grandmas arrived and packed the old apartment. The Grandpas showed up to help us move.

I know where my yarn is, but am too tired to pick up the needles.

And the "p" button on my keyboard was damaged in the move. Weird.

Finally online again, though.

In a few days, I will get my life together, and I will show more pictures. :)

Until then.


AlisonH said...

Yay! You got into your new place! I can't imagine trying to move with a brand new baby--I'm so glad you had loved ones willing to chip in and help. Even if it means they chi in and hel

Karin said...

Glad to hear from you! Take your time with everything. Just as long as youlet us know every once in a while that you're OK. (I know you're tired.)

Karin said...

We want pictures!
We want pictures!
We want pictures!

Harriet said...

I hope you get a good haircut today!!!!!!!!