23 August 2008

One with pictures!!!

I know, can you believe it?

It's been a busy couple of weeks here, with a sick baby followed by a sick Mama and Dada, followed by a disgusting infected toe (mine) that I didn't even injure doing anything cool like, I don't know, rockgliding? Nope, ingrown toenail. Don't worry, I didn't take a picture of it.

But because of the gross toe, I had to get antibiotics, which has affected the taste of my milk, which has caused -- well, not a nursing strike, but a grouchy kid, let me say that much. She's not nursing much at all, and the only thing that's sustaining me is the certain knowledge that healthy babies don't starve themselves. She's not dehydrated, and she is nursing some...she's just pissy.

I think I'm going to have to start drinking that disgusting tea again.

She's crawling like a demon now. Army crawling, with occasional moments of cross-crawling...for a step or two, before she crashes onto her chin and screams. Currently, she has made her way into the kitchen, and discovered that the cat's food bowl makes a very interesting sound when you smack it on the linoleum. And, it pushes nicely on the carpet. My kid? Too clever.

But don't worry, I know what you're really here for.

Some of these are still "some assembly required," and they're all too big, so these are just knitting shots; I'll provide some modeling as soon as it's reasonable.


The Dale Ladybug Sweater, finally done except for some adorable Ladybug buttons that need to be sewn onto the shoulder.


The Berrocco Pure Merino Nuance sweater.


The Berrocco Love It! Colors sweater.


The Waves in Square Shawl (Sivia Harding) is knit, and just needs blocking.


And then, finally, the green, beaded hat.

I know, I can't believe I did it either. And B, I poked all the beads over to the right side. Just for you. :)

By the way, I took a ton of pictures of Lucy in that hat; you can see the rest of them here.



Shan said...

Fantastic, especially that ladybug sweater...I got the heebie jeebies looking at it, thinking there must be intarsia involved. >>crosses herself and makes the sign against evil<<

AlisonH said...

Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad! (Waves.) Is this thing on? Am I on the Internets??

Kristine, she's absolutely adorable, and the sweaters and hat have the perfect baby for being shown off with. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

holy cow, i saw that hat and almost fell off my chair! all the beads!

Karin said...

That is some nice knitting right there and one cute baby!! Thanks so much for the update.

You are truly amazing.